Dr. Steph Tavarez

Hi, my name is Dr. Steph Tavarez

Your guide on the journey to human fulfillment and transformation.


My path to becoming a sound healer has been everything but traditional. As an experienced Industrial/Organizational (I/O) practitioner, I lead organizational development initiatives for private and federal clients, specializing in areas such as training design and effectiveness, emotional intelligence, mindfulness, diversity & inclusion, scientific research, and coaching.

I am also a higher education professional who is committed to developing the next generation of bright minds in I/O Psychology. However, I always felt like something was missing - like there was a deeper level of transformation waiting to be unlocked and that's when SNDMINDS was born! It was through my career that I realized a need for cultivating greater self-awareness, curiosity, and intentionality in a way that resonates with the mind, body, and soul.

By bringing together my background in psychology and education with this powerful practice of sound healing, I've created a one-of-a-kind approach to personal growth and development that's all about unlocking your true potential.

Dr. Steph Tavarez